Try the revolutionary tool of the food industry – Omag-Pack

Try the revolutionary tool of the food industry – Omag-Pack


The food industry needs a great granular. Now, the high demand and vast reach of the industry is pushing every company to manufacturer sufficient quantity. Quality is an important factor as well. The present scenario of the industry can’t afford a huge capital to the middle-class society. When you are getting a comprehensive tool in a limited rate in the contemporary market, then you must not refuse that.

The Omag-Pack has;

  • Low cost
  • Comprehensive set-up
  • High productivity
  • Dramatic operations
  • Easy handling
  • Perception in execution


The work of sugar packing machine is simple, it creates sachets. The three sides, four sides, and other sealing machines are the versatility of the product.

The machine can pack any kind of mixtures and powders. Actually, it is made to pack the crystal sugar, but the machine affords perfect sachet of any kind of products.

A longitudinal fin seal is on its back and a top and bottom seals are on its top and bottom. The top and bottom seals are a cross seal and it has a width of 5mm. This tool is providing a maximum filling capacity of the food products. This means it is taking less material to be packed.

The top class Omag-Pack machine of sugar stick packing can be applied to pack the food packets. The ways of sealing are great and perfect. Some modern manufacturing techniques have been used in manufacturing so that people can get perfect execution.


The stick sugar packing machine is applied to pack the foods. Especially, liquids and pastes would be applied in a better way. Along with it, jam, jelly, and Chocó sticks can be packed. The items belong to the paste category. Some reputed companies are using the stick pack tool, because of its comprehensive feature and great cost. The perfect sealing capacity makes the packets beautiful and it creates the compact look and feels by using less raw material.

Why is it better?

The machine has all the modern features, which can provide security, beauty, and freshness to the food products.

  • Sample checking
  • Laser coding
  • Easy cleaning
  • Accessibility
  • Smart camera
  • Dosing unit
  • Filler completes line

These specifications are essential to creating the perfect packets. The tool is not providing any fake promises. People can get the government certificates that would proof its beauty and perception. Therefore, the Omega packing machines can be a highly productive and profitable stuff for the manufacturers. It gives better productivity at a low cost.

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