Reasons to Invest in Package Insert Advertising

Reasons to Invest in Package Insert Advertising

It seems like most of the advice these days about marketing and advertising centers around the superiority of online efforts over offline ones. This is not an article about that topic. Although package insert advertising can and should include contact details designed to help consumers expand their experiences with your business online, it is an entirely offline method of promoting your business, products and services.

What Is Package Insert Advertising?

Simply put, printed promotional inserts for your business are placed in packages mailed to the customers of another business in the same industry or the customers of a business that targets the same consumer group. The format of these inserts includes:

– Paper and card advertisements
– Promotional items and samples
– Coupons and coupon codes

Differences That Matter

The main difference between package insert advertising and other forms of traditional direct mail advertising, such as a letters and postcards sent, is that insert advertising efforts appear less pushy and less like advertising. Traditional direct mailers often fail because:

– Many people believe that all direct mailers are useless junk mail.
– The anger and frustration experienced by recipients of direct mailers can translate into negative word-of-mouth advertising that harms a company’s brand and reputation
– Increased use of the Internet has made email promotional efforts a better choice to engage consumers across industries.

On the other hand, people who receive package inserts are often delighted to find them inside their packages. The more frequent use of inserts has resulting in a lot of consumers thinking that this form of non-intrusive advertising is something normal to receive in a package. Some people consider inserts to be mostly educational rather than “salesy.” Additionally, coupons and promotional items and samples are typically seen as a sign of customer appreciation.

Level of Engagement

Lastly, package insert programs can also lead to a higher level of engagement with the members of your target demographic than several other forms of offline and online advertising. Going back to the example of direct mailers:

People often toss what they perceive as junk mail immediately to the side or in the trash because they are focused on their more “important” mail. When someone receives a package, they are more focused on the package and everything inside of it because they are eager to gain access to something they need or want or they emotionally relate the act of opening a package to opening a gift. Whatever the reason, that laser focus means that a package recipient is more likely to focus on other things included with the shipped item that relate to it or their interests, such as package inserts.

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