In The Embassy For The Fiance Visa Interview

In The Embassy For The Fiance Visa Interview

The job interview is really a strait forward process. I had been in the interview with my fiancé as were a number of other men using their fiancés. For just one factor, I thought about being there to aid her. My fiancé is extremely emotional and that i understood that they could be a psychological wreck in the interview. I had been there to boost her courage.

Also, Warsaw is a huge city and that i thought about being there to accompany her inside a big city she did not know perfectly.

However the primary reason I had been there is mainly since i did not want any last second glitches. To utilize a football example: The ball was around the one-yard line. I would make certain the ball managed to get in to the finish zone.

I’d never forgive myself if something went wrong in the finish. I’d labored too challenging things up to now. I wasn’t taking a chance.

I made air travel reservations to create my fiancé home the next day our interview. I had been that certain that we’d obtain the fiancé visa approved. In the end, we’d done everything we’re able to to insure the process would go easily.

The job interview was scheduled for morning hours. It required about 5 minutes. They requested me numerous questions for example how had we met, how lengthy had we known one another, the number of occasions had we met together personally.

They requested my spouse exactly the same questions in Russian that they requested me in British. She gave them exactly the same solutions when i had given them, with the exception of Russian. Our tales harmonized. These were consistent.

Following a couple of minutes, the person behind the glass stated to her, “Thanks for visiting America!”

My spouse smiled and gave out a “Whippee!”

The person in the embassy then told us to return at five o’clock your evening to obtain the visa.

Whenever we returned, i was certainly one of six individuals who received a visa. Three other couples – all of the couples in which the man supported his fiancé towards the interview – received visas.

Two other single women received visas. Three other single women weren’t given visas. Their documents wasn’t complete.

That night we celebrated while dining. My spouse known as her mother on the telephone and gave her this news.

Her mother cried and cried. She understood that it might be a lengthy time before she’d see her young girl again. She was off and away to America.

Lately, I’ve heard that a few of the US embassies aren’t supplying fiancé visas within 24 hours that they’re approved due to extra security procedures implemented because the September 11 attacks.

It is advisable to discover in advance in case your fiancé will get a visa within 24 hours she’s the job interview – which means you don’t make plane reservations you cannot keep.

Additionally, I’ve also heard that US embassies were slowing lower the processing of visas, including fiancé visas, immediately after September 11. Fiancé visas that may have been handled in six several weeks take nine several weeks and longer to become processed.

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