Creating a Functional and Stylish Office Space

Creating a Functional and Stylish Office Space

An efficient and attractive office is a requirement for businesses in any industry. Employees are more productive in a comfortable environment, and a stylish office impresses your clients as well. If your current office space is in desperate need of a spruce, consider hiring a professional company to refurbish it. An office refurbishment professional can manage all the steps in the process, from the initial design consultation all the way through the construction and final furnishing.

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An office refurbishment is about more than mere aesthetics. Its fundamental purpose is to create an office environment that inspires your employees to work diligently and creatively. Additionally, an office needs to showcase your company’s success to any potential clients or customers. Your business will look its best in an office specially designed to fit its purpose.

How an Office Refurbishment Works

The term ‘office refurbishment’ can encompass a broad range of changes to your business space. It could be something as simple as changing the furniture or layout in a small area of your office. However, a refurbishing could also encompass a complete overhaul of the office space, from décor to technological infrastructure to heating or air-conditioning systems. An office refurbishment can have a significant impact on your business. If you work with a designer to create an inspirational workspace customised to your equipment requirements and style preferences, you can improve the efficiency of your staff by as much as 50%.

Office Refurbishment Works

There are unique challenges in every phase of an office refurbishment. Because it can be a large undertaking in both time and budget, it’s important that you work with a professional company that has years of experience. When you are interviewing prospective office refurbishment companies, be sure to ask questions about every phase of the process. You can discover how the company manages each part, as well as prepare yourself and your employees for the potential trials of the refurbishment process.

Examples of Office Refurbishment Outcomes

One of the best ways to determine if a refurbishment company is the right fit for your project is to go through its portfolio of previous work. It will show the company’s range of work experience, as well as give you an idea of how they customise projects based on the clients’ requirements. A great example of this is a turnkey office refurbishment from Saracen Interiors. In that case, the company completely outfitted an office in a historic building over a few months. They updated the space with upmarket details such as walnut and stone finishes. They also installed customised mosaic tiles and several innovative seating arrangements which promoted extensive employee collaboration.

Examples of Office Refurbishment

What to Expect During the Refurbishment Process

The first part of an office refurbishment is the design phase. This is arguably the most important part of the entire project. When you are working with the designer, you will discuss all the requirements you have for your office space. What kind of work environment do you want to create? Are your employees fond of working together in group seating arrangements? Do you require any secure areas such as server rooms? What does your network and telecommunications infrastructure look like? What is the budget for the project? These are all questions you’ll need to discuss with the designer. It’s vital that everyone involved in refurbishment is in agreement with the scope of the project, the design plans, and the financial commitment.

Keeping the Budget under Control

Anyone who has gone through any type of construction project will tell you that the hardest part of the whole thing is trying to prevent the costs from going over budget. There are always delays, mistakes, and unforeseen circumstances. While it’s not possible to prevent all such issues, you can minimise the damage by having a plan in place beforehand.

Keeping the Budget under Control

When you are working with your designer and agreeing on a budget, ask for a detailed schedule of all expenditures. If you have an itemised list of every cost associated with the project, you can keep track as the refurbishment happens and deal with any overspending immediately. This is a far more responsible method than waiting until the project is completed and going through the budget at that time. By keeping track of each schedule expense in real time, you can immediately see when something goes over the budget. Then you can determine if you want to cover the extra cost by increasing the budget, or by decreasing expenses somewhere later in the project. The key to maintaining the budget is working with an office refurbishment company that is transparent and honest through the whole process.

Surviving the Refurbishment

Unless you are refurbishing an office space prior to occupying it, the chances are you and your employees will be working in the office during the refurbishing process. This can be an exhausting and frustrating time, but there are some things you can do to minimise the hassle. When you are working with the design professionals, talk with them about how your business will function during the refurbishment. Let them know what you and your employees need to keep your business going. Ask your designers to schedule construction phases so you can have time to move to different areas of the office, or schedule time in a different facility if necessary. An experienced designer will be able to schedule the phases of the project so that your employees can move back to completed areas of the project as soon as possible.

Surviving the Refurbishment

Final Thoughts

An office refurbishment can give your business a boost in employee satisfaction and performance by creating an inspirational environment customised to your unique needs. While it is a large financial commitment that has to potential to be stressful, it is absolutely worth it in the long run. A beautiful and efficient office is the foundation of any business, regardless of industrial category. Working with a designer to create the perfect office will encourage your employees to be more creative and productive, while impressing upon your customers the success and professionalism of your business.

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