Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phones are packaged with operating instructions but lack user instructions.  Lack of cell phone etiquette at the work place and in social settings has become an increasingly popular complaint. Contrary to popular belief and stereotypes, inappropriate cell phone usage is not limited to one generation over another. Follow these recommendations from the etiquette experts to ensure you’re using your cell phone in a respectful manner.

As in any situation that calls for proper etiquette, respect is the guiding mantra. Be in the moment and respect those around you. When you’re checking your phone for email, texts, or social media updates, you’re sending a clear message to those around you that you deem this information to be more important than those around you. It’s simply rude.  You’ve no doubt taken care to dress appropriately, arrive on time and greet those whom you are meeting. You might even have taken advantage of the deals offered by Groupon coupons and selected a special outfit for the occasion from the awesome styles available at Aeropostale. Take the time to turn off your phone and either leave it in your pocket or hand bag prior to meeting your party.

These same guidelines apply in a business setting. If you arrive early for a meeting, engage those around you and build actual relationships with your coworkers instead of hiding behind your cell phone until the meeting starts. By no means should you leave your cell phone on the meeting table. This sends a signal that incoming information on your phone takes priority over the information being presented by the person conducting the meeting. Have basic respect for those around you and be present in the moment.

When dining in a restaurant or someone’s home for a business or social function, there is no room on the table for a cell phone. Service personal today experience extreme frustration with diners and shoppers that are unable to focus on basic interaction but feel the need to focus on their cell phones instead. Follow these basic guidelines and you might well find you can influence those around you to do the same.

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