3 things you might not know about door-to-door sales

3 things you might not know about door-to-door sales

There’s no doubting the fact that door-to-door sales is a tried and tested marketing technique. However, despite the fact that it’s been around for such a long time and can be hugely successful, many companies overlook it as a means of attracting new customers. If you’re not yet taking advantage of this tactic, here are three things you might not know about it that could change your mind.

  1. It can help you form long-term connections with your customers

A major advantage associated with this approach is the fact that it can be an effective way to build long-term relationships with customers. Field marketing specialists Appco Group are well aware of this potential benefit. Reflecting this, the company has developed an approach dubbed the Human Commercial™ under which the self-employed brand ambassadors in its network focus on providing consumers with an enjoyable and informative experience. They do this by ensuring they have in-depth knowledge of the products and services they represent so that they can answer any questions thoroughly and accurately. They also tailor their messages to reflect the interests, needs and lifestyles of customers.

By making sure the sales experiences that potential customers have on the doorstep are as positive as possible, you stand a good chance of forging a strong and lasting connection to these people.

  1. It’s easy to ensure an impressive ROI

Unlike certain other forms of marketing that require you to make major upfront investments without being certain you’ll get the results you’re after, it’s easy to control your costs when you run door-to-door sales campaigns. Many companies don’t realise this, but specialists such as Appco UK operate on a performance-based model that means their clients only pay for the results they deliver. So, by turning to a field marketing specialist that offers these terms, you can ensure you don’t waste money on an ineffective campaign.

Appco Group’s performance-based payment system also makes it a popular choice among charities looking for effective fundraising solutions. This is one of the reasons why Appco has collaborated with a range of charities, including the RAF Association and the Red Cross.

  1. It can give you crucial insights into your target market

Another relatively little-known benefit of this technique is the fact that, aside from giving you a chance to promote your products or services, it offers you an opportunity to gain potentially valuable insights into your target market. When brand ambassadors speak to consumers on behalf of your company, they can feed back the responses they get to help you tweak your marketing campaign. You can also use this information to enhance your goods or services. In effect, face-to-face sales doubles up as a form of market research.

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